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What is Hydroseeding?

What is Hydroseeding?Hydroseeding is a combination of water, fiber, soil adhesive, fertilizer and seed forming a slurry. The ingredients are incorporated inside of the machine while a mechanical agitator mixes them together. After the ingredients are mixed together the slurry is evenly sprayed on the desired area to create a matrix of soil covering material containing the
perfect environment for seed germination and successful plant growth. Hydroseeding provides a finished look while retaining moisture as well as controlling dust and erosion. Hydroseeding also provides a moisture barrier that prevents the sun from evaporating moisture out of the top few inches of soil during the critical germination process.

Hydroseeding is very versatile and is an economical alternative to expensive sod. Many high quality perennial grass species such as Zoysia, Turf Type Bermuda, Centipede and Seashore Paspalum are now available in seed form and can be successfully hydroseeded for new lawns, turf and athletic fields.

What exactly is in the mix?

Water in the mix acts as a carrier, and the contact of the seed and the water will jump start the growth process. When
extra fast germination is desired, it is also possible to pre-germinate seed for even faster growth.

Seed used in a hydro-seeder doesn’t need to be anything special. Nearly any seed can be used and at the same
application rate as other seeding methods. These can include grass or lawn seeds, wildflowers, pasture seed, seed
for athletic fields and seeds for erosion control such as Millet or Winter Rye.

Fertilizer is usually used in the mix. A high phosphorus “starter” fertilizer that will stimulate root growth is the most
commonly used. A good blend such as 16-04- 08 is commonly used at the rate of 3 – 5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Tackifier is a biodegradable soil adhesive used to assist in binding the slurry together forming a soil covering matrix
that will hold together during extreme rain events. Depending on the application area tackifier may or may not be

Hydro-seeding mulch is what gives the mixture the green color. It does more than just make it pretty, it helps protect
the seed, and to seal in moisture. It may be made from a paper or wood product or a mixture of the two. If any of the
mixture accidentally gets on your walkways, driveways or house, it will not stain and can be washed off, or will just
disappear on it’s own.