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Hydroseeding Services we offer


Need a lawn installed fast? We offer a variety of lawn and landscaping services to both
commercial property and residential property owners in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas.
Whether you need a new lawn for your home or whether you have a obtained a commercial
property that needs grass fast or soil erosion prevention, we can help.

We offer the following seeding services:

Lawn seeding: Whether you need a lawn installed for your home or your commercial property,
we can advise you on the best seed type for the environment as well as the most cost-effective
method for installation.

Hydroseeding: Hydroseeding involves mixing and agitating water, fiber, soil adhesive, fertilizer
and seed in one of our machines and then spraying it evenly over the desired area. This process
retains moisture and encourages seed germination, so you get a thick, green grass quickly. Hydro
seeding can use a variety of seed blends depending on the environmental conditions. The seed
blend depends on whether you have difficult soil, lots of shade, lots of sun or other conditions
that affect grass growth.

Hydromulching: Hydromulching is a soil erosion prevention method that involves spraying a
mixture of water, fiber mulch and tackifier on burned slopes. Seed, fertilizer or soil stabilizing
polymers may also be included in the mix. Typically, hydromulching is only used on slopes with
20-60 percent grade that are severely burned or highly erosive.

Hydromulching is an expensive process, requiring at least 1,000-gallon tank mounted on a truck
or trailer that is equipped with a special pump and continuous agitation system. The slurry is
sprayed from either a discharge nozzle mounted on top of the tank or from a nozzle on the end of
a hose.

Because of the expense and the equipment involved, hydro mulching is usually limited to high
risk areas where it its use is necessary to protect valuable properties, habitats or surface water
supply sources.

Drill seeding: Drill seeding is a fast, efficient way to plant an agricultural or farm crop that can
save you money. Grass seed is the biggest expense in planting. That’s why it is so important to
be able to precisely prepare the seedbed, meter the seed and plant the seed throughout the lawn,
pasture or acreage to get the best stand for your money.

The front rollers of the grain drill or cultipacker help get rid of lumps in the dirt and press the dirt
to form a firm seedbed. Then, the meter devices spread the correct amount of seed in a precise
distance from each other, allowing for optimum growth. Once the seeds are dropped into the top
½ inch of properly prepared seedbed, a built-in rake covers them with soil. Germination rates
using a cultipacker are 70 percent higher than using broadcast method and uses 50 percent less
seed. Not only does this precision result in a thick, uniform stand but it also results in cost
savings on seed.

Mixing Bahia and Bermuda Grasses
For the warm, Florida temperatures, you need grass that flourishes in these temps, can stand up
in full sun and is tolerant of drought. For many customers we recommend a mix of Bermuda and
Bahia grasses. Each of these has its own unique qualities. Bermuda grass is a medium-to- fine
textured, green grass. Its deep roots help it to grow and spread quickly. Bermuda is heat and
drought tolerant but doesn’t tolerate shade well and turns brown in the winter. Bahia grass, on
the other hand, is a course grass that is tough and moderately drought-tolerant and shade tolerant.
It will stay green longer than other grasses throughout the winter months. Bahia grass grows well
in Florida’s sandy and sometimes infertile soil. Its deep roots can help prevent soil erosion.
Combining Bahia and Bermuda grasses allows them to complement one another for a healthy,
thick lawn all year.

Beach Front Coastal – Seashore Paspalum – Seaspray
In many coastal areas, turf can be subjected to salt stress from irrigation water, saltwater intrusion, or
salt spray from the ocean and bermudagrasses have generally good salinity tolerance and are good
choices for coastal areas

A beautiful lawn will enhance any landscape, while a poor lawn will detract from it. Lawns not
only increase the aesthetic and economic value of the landscape, they also provide space for
outdoor activities, aid in erosion control, filter pollutants, and provide oxygen. It's important to
choose the right kind of grass for where and how you live.

Advantages Over Sodding


More Cost-Effective


Customized for Your Soil


Healthier Grass


Even Distribution


As noted above, hydroseeding is significantly less expensive than sodding. But the comparison with broadcast seeding needs a little elaboration. On the surface (no pun intended), broadcast seeding may seem to present a cost savings over hydroseeding. And if all you do is seed, that may be true. However, once you add the straw mulch, various fertilizers, time, energy, and aggravation, the cost of seeding loses some of its appeal and the cost difference between it and hydroseeding shrinks significantly. To make matters worse, the increased likelihood of needing additional applications can yield unexpected costs and, by extension, further aggravation. When all is said and done, you may very well find that hydroseeding is actually cost-comparable to broadcast seeding. And, of course, you will be able to enjoy all of the other distinct advantages that hydroseeding has to offer.






In addition to the above distinct advantages, hydroseeding (when utilizing wood fiber mulch) offers a degree of built-in erosion control. Because the mulch is included in the slurry and therefore applied with the seed, a simple hydroseed application can often address erosion issues automatically. As the application hardens, many erosion problems can be held at bay until the seed comes in and establishes itself as a permanent erosion inhibitant.





As an educated consumer, you now have the knowledge and understanding to be able to make a qualified decision about your next seeding project. We have little doubt that hydroseeding will be at the top of your list of considerations. When you’re ready, We look forward to serving you.